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Processor Vessels
Walker Engineered Products is a leader in processor equipment, technology and options.  Walker offers standard designs for processors from 10 to 10,000 gallon tanks.

Mixer Vessels
Walker mixing tanks share a reliable design and ease of cleaning and maintenance.  They are tough, durable and designed to overcome the most complex mixing challenges.

Silo Tanks
Walker silos, for installation on a flat horizontal pad for either internal or external location, offer dependable and economical product storage solutions. They are designed to specific space and applications needs, with a variety of exterior finishes including stainless steel wrap or the lower cost painted carbon steel outer shell.

Storage Vessels
Since 1961 Walker Engineered Products has fabricated thousands of silos and storage tanks offering the lowest cost per gallon of storage with capacities up to 80,000 gallons. Customers choose original Walker storage tanks for their high quality materials, unique design elements and value-added fabrication features.

Customized Tanks
Our specialized craftsmen have diverse experience in producing custom equipment.Applications include evaporators, dryers, specialized heat exchangers, pressure vessels and vacuum vessels. Our products may use higher alloys such as Hastelloy and AL 6XN®. We design and build vessels to ASME & CRN standards and can also, upon request, comply with certain categories within the PED regulations.

Tank Heads
Walker is a prominent manufacturer of hydroformed tank heads.  We utilize various metals to shape stress-free tank heads that are polished, machined and beveled to perfection so they can be moved directly into a customer fabrication facility.  Walker has regulatory agency approvals from ASME, CRN, and PED.

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