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High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurizing is a method of heat pasteurization for perishable beverages, beer and some dairy products. One of the benefits of using this method compared to other pasteurization methods is that it helps maintain color, flavor and also makes products safer and extends shelf life.

HTST (Hot Temperature, Short Time) Pasteurizing System consists of the follow:

  • Balance tank with level control, multiple sectioned Plate & Frame or Tube & Tube Heat Exchanger, Hot Water Set, Hold Tube Loop, and Booster and Stuffing Pumps
  • The entire HTST System is mounted on an all Stainless Steel Frame
  • System includes Touch Screen Control Panel to start or stop the system
  • Graphic Screen represents actual equipment status which includes the following: Flow Rate, Temperature, Pressure, Time, PID Tuning Parameters and Hands Off Auto (HOA) functions

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