Boston Shearmill

The Boston Shearmill is out ultimate machine for providing high to extreme shear rates and tip speeds for maximum droplet and particle size reduction. If your process requires milling of soft particles to under 1 micron, or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the Boston Shearmill will meet this criteria, often with just a single pass at high production rates! The Boston Shearmill has replaced colloid mills and homogenizers where sub-micron processing was not necessary. Existing installations include tomato paste enhancement and standardization, ketchup and mustard production, salad dressing and mayonnaise, pet foods and treats, soups and sauces, flavor emulsions, pharmaceutical preps, polymers and more. All Boston Shearmills are standard with three sets of shear heads (Rotor/stator); with each head having two distinct stages for a total of six work zones. This increase in residence time between the stages allows the Boston Shearmill to create tremendous mechanical and hydraulic energy for applying maximum shear forces into the product.

  • The best built, heavy duty, all purpose inline milling machine on the market
  • Standard shear head grades include coarse, medium, and fine.
  • Special purpose heads available for texturizing and blending without damaging or altering solids and desired consistency.
  • Shearmill models available from 15 to 75 Hp, providing product throughput from 5 to 250 gallons depending upon feed rate and viscosity
  • All Shearmill models feature our exclusive single mechanical quench seal rated for 700 psi, and comply with (#36-01) standards.


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