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Model 'SVW' Silo Storage Tanks.

Feldmeier Model 'SVW' "Spray-Up" Silo tanks provides the ultimate design for product protection during storage of your valuable liquid products. The vertical design allows the maximum product storage in a minimum amount of space. No ladders, catwalks or heat tape required.

  • Offered in many different sizes from 3,000 to 75,000 US gallon
  • Larger models can be field-erected on site as needed
  • 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces with # 4 diary finish inside
  • Flat-sloped bottom with heavy-duty prime painted honeycomb base
  • Chloride & Asbestos free 3" polystyrene insulation on sides, 3" fiberglass on top and spray foam on the bottom
  • Standard exterior sheathing is light gauge overlapped Stainless Steel with # 2B mill finish outside standard, # 4 finish offered as an option
  • Designed for pad mounting on a flat concrete base
  • Stainless Steel Alcove 58" x 58" x 20" deep
  • 16" x 20" insulated manway door with product sample valve
  • "Spray-Up" CIP System with 4" internal vent and overflow lines and an internal spray up nozzle specifically designed to clean your silo
  • Horizontally mounted fully CIP-able Agitator, USDA and 3A accepted
  • Outlet and Inlet connections are Tri-clamp as standard
  • 5" dial thermometer with SS thermowell in alcove area
  • SS thermowell for RTD also installed in alcove area
  • Level Shell only installed in alcove, Anderson, King, or Rosemount
  • Seismic design and PE stamped drawings are available upon request
  • Horizontal CIP-able Agitator
  • Omega laser welded heat transfer panels provide precise, consistent temperature control. Standard design is for holding @ 40 deg.

Optional Features:

  • 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces in lieu of 304 SS
  • Refrigeration controls can be included if requested
  • Conventional external overflow and CIP lines with spray dish in top
  • Electric heat tape, insulation, control box and either white PVC wrap or smooth aluminum wrap factory installed and tested
  • Ladders, catwalks, circumferential safety railings as requested
  • Vertical Agitation as required for some product applications available on sizes up to and including 40,000 US gallons


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